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Your Local Locksmith Service In North London 

local locksmith north LondonWe provide a fast local locksmith service in North London & Hertfordshire should you become locked out of your property, we prefer the non destructive entry method where possible and only drill locks out as a last resort meaning you will only pay an unlocking fee.

A lock would only need drilling if it is worn or damaged or becomes problematic to open due to problems within the lock and could be the main reason why you can’t get in, call now for a local Locksmith North London.


Some companies will offer unbelievably low call out or unlocking fees, remember the saying, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

Many of our customers have been victims in the past of rogue locksmith companies that have offered very low unlocking fees but have deliberately destroyed the locks leaving you with no alternative but to buy very expensive locks from them.

Our company does not employ these tacticts we just want to let you in as quickly and most cost effectively as possible using non destructive methods as the first option, that’s what our locksmiths were trained to do, call now for a local locksmith north London

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Call now and speak direct to an engineer who will gain fast entry with the specialist tools he carries.

Why Choose?

We’re a family business providing you with a more personal and reliable service you can depend on, our locksmiths have been trained to the highest standards.

12 Month Lock Fitting Guarantee

Should you need a new lock replacement or more security upgrades, new locks that are fitted by us come with 1 years guarantee, should the locks fail they will be replaced free of charge providing they have been maintained and not misused in any way.

Free Security Check

If you decide to use our unlocking service we can provide a free security check of your property whilst we are on site and offer you some recommendations on your existing security arrangements, this is a free no obligation service, if you would like to upgrade we would be happy to provide you with a quotation, call now for a local locksmith north London

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